About Registration

Supplier and Contractor Portal
Welcome to the Supplier and Contractor Portal; a secure site for company registration and accessing eProcurement capabilities of VEGA. The site provides information to our Procurement and Contract personnel with the most current information about sources of supply and services.

If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to purchase then we invite you to register your company and update that information frequently.

Why Register?

Registering records your company in our supplier / contractor database and provides visibility for your company to our Procurement professionals. By registering, you are given the opportunity to provide information and upload qualification documents about your company for consideration by our buyers.

Your registration login credentials (username and password) will also be used to access bid packages on-line via our eRFP website if you receive an invitation to bid.

Getting Started
The person registering your company must have a valid email address which will be used as his/her access ID to the Portal. (If your company is already in our supplier / contractor database, you will be asked to contact us for assistance and verification.) At any time you may contact us for questions or assistance by clicking on the CONTACT US link at the top of your screen.