About Procurement

What We Purchase
Our diverse company portfolio encompasses energy, transportation, communications, mining, and civil engineering construction.

We acquire goods and services for projects in support of fast track construction of projects. We work with qualified suppliers and contractors who perform with our quality expectations in mind. We strive to give fair and equal treatment to all, ensuring a level field of competition to the highest ethical standards in the industry. We seek professional organizations that can meet these ideals and grow their competence jointly with us on increasingly difficult projects. Finally, technology allows us to leverage our work processes, knowledge, and supply chain relationships; we expect our suppliers and contractors to support the way we work.

To meet our needs as described above, we look for suppliers and contractors who have an interest to provide the followIng goods and services listed in what we purchase.

Quality and Compliance
At VEGA, we pride ourselves on a reputation for quality-in our people, our processes, and the materials and services we deliver to our clients and customers.

Quality in the Construction business is measured by how well a facility or unit is designed and how well it performs over its life. These characteristics depend heavily on the abilities of our suppliers and contractors to provide best in class equipment, materials and services.

Suppliers and contractors are responsible to provide equipment, materials and services that meet all technical requirements of the contract specifications, including all applicable industry codes, standards, permits, and licenses. This means that all equipment and materials arriving on our project sites is defect free and the workmanship of contractors meets the highest industry standards.

As part of our attention to quality, all equipment and material suppliers and subcontractors are evaluated during and after each contract with VEGA. A quality performance rating is recorded in our system for future reference giving us visibility to the best performing companies we have used in the past.

VEGA prides itself on quality work. We insist on the same high industry standards from our suppliers and contractors.