VEGA's Values

Our Guiding Principles

At VEGA we are dedicated to the improvement of the built and natural environment, in the process creating enduring value for our clients, shareholders, employees and the community. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit - organizing, managing, and assuming the risk of running a business. We believe in integrity - being conscientious, consistent and trustworthy. We believe in agility - being smart, quick and resourceful. We believe in excellence - being consistently superior. And we believe in openness - being accessible, receptive and communicative. Dedication, accountability, innovation and efficiency underpin our core values.

We believe what sets us apart is our dedication to:

  • Competing on the basis of our intellectual capital (rather than size), which is embodied in our team of highly skilled and innovative business, engineering and management professionals
  • Delivering excellence and superior quality in all that we do
  • Cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients at all levels
  • Focusing on our chosen lines of business to provide the highest degree of expertise and continuous innovation
  • Our quest for integrity in all our dealings, and
  • Offering independent, trusted and impartial advice.

These are the guiding principles that form the foundation for our ambitions, decisions, and actions.

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